Going Organic

Here’s a question Ive been asking myself a lot lately (thanks to a most cool brother); When it comes to improving my fitness, why should I go through all the pain and sacrifice of exercising my body hard everyday, if I’m gonna continue to throw toxic chemicals into it? Doesn’t make much sense.. does it? […]

The not so glamorous side of being a severely asthmatic marathon walker

Yeah, I made it to Boston , Ive walked the Rome and Portland marathons a couple times, and yeah Ive been written up in lots of walk magazines and medical journals, but I think a lot of people who hear about me or read my blog, assume that because Ive done all these things, that […]

The body weight factor

Finally… after nearly 2 years , Ive fallen out of the “Obese” category. This week I weighed 146 lbs which officially puts my Body Mass Index well within the “Normal” weight category . Its about time ! Seems like it took forever. Its very uncomfortable to be heavy when you have breathing problems . This […]