Asthma severity is more than just FEV1

It seems I haven’t done a proper “Breathing Basics” post in almost 8 years. I think this installment might fit under that category. In browsing through some of the posts on various Asthma support groups, personal blogs, or in chatting with people who have asthma or COPD, I often hear someone refer to, or equate … Read moreAsthma severity is more than just FEV1

How low can it go?

Having documented a significant, but relatively slow decline in my lung function over the past decade, Ive often wondered what life must be like for other asthmatics who have a baseline FEV1 below 25%. Well, now I know. According to the last spirometry results, which I did for my annual SARP follow up visit last … Read moreHow low can it go?

Self Observations: FEV1 and Breathlessness

Always curious about things, earlier this week I did a series of FEV1 measurements on myself. I wanted to see if my dyspnea(shortness of breath)which waxes and wanes throughout the day, would correlate with my FEV1 readings. I took the first reading early in the morning when my breathing is at its best. I blew … Read moreSelf Observations: FEV1 and Breathlessness

What’s in a number?

I still have a hard time believing it, especially the way Ive been feeling this past year, but during my most recent Pulmonary function test a few weeks ago, I blew an incredible FEV1 of 50%! OK, blowing an FEV1 of only half of normal may not sound like a big deal, but it’s the … Read moreWhat’s in a number?

12 month Update

It’s almost 2013 and I just realized I really haven’t posted a breathing status update in almost a year. Probably the biggest change that I’m noticing, is that my dyspnea is getting more pronounced and more constant. Where I used get 8 or so “good” breathing hours a day, I’m down now to less than … Read more12 month Update

Core strengthening…harder than it looks.

In an attempt to slim down my midsection and tone up my abdominal muscles, over the last two months I’ve been gradually incorporating more and more basic core strengthening exercises into my daily workouts. The problem I’m having, is that because of my obstructive lung disease, it takes me forever to exhale at the beginning … Read moreCore strengthening…harder than it looks.

Latest Pulmonary Function Test results

Last weeks PFT results….hot off the press.The numbers indicate that my overall lung function has declined another 10% since last checked back in September of 2005 . I’m now base-lining at around 35- 40% of normal. And while the results indicate pretty severe fixed airway disease (non-reversible asthma) , you sure wouldn’t know it by … Read moreLatest Pulmonary Function Test results