How low can it go?

Having documented a significant, but relatively slow decline in my lung function over the past decade, Ive often wondered what life must be like for other asthmatics who have a baseline FEV1 below 25%. Well, now I know. According to the last spirometry results, which I did for my annual SARP follow up visit last […]

12 month Update

It’s almost 2013 and I just realized I really haven’t posted a breathing status update in almost a year. Probably the biggest change that I’m noticing, is that my dyspnea is getting more pronounced and more constant. Where I used get 8 or so “good” breathing hours a day, I’m down now to less than […]

Latest Pulmonary Function Test results

Last weeks PFT results….hot off the press.The numbers indicate that my overall lung function has declined another 10% since last checked back in September of 2005 . I’m now base-lining at around 35- 40% of normal. And while the results indicate pretty severe fixed airway disease (non-reversible asthma) , you sure wouldn’t know it by […]