23rd time’s a charm

No..not as in hospitalizations ( I’ve lost count of those,) I’m talking about my 23rd endotracheal intubation with mechanical ventilation for respiratory failure. You heard that right, Ive been intubated 23 times now! (as of 5-23-2018, make that 42 times). That’s gotta be some kind of weird worlds record or something. How is this even … Read more23rd time’s a charm

104th trip to the slammer for Asthma

Greetings from the 14th floor isolation room a top the Moffitt building at UCSF medical center in San Francisco. Your guest host for tonight’s show is..well, me of course. I’ll be discussing how much fun it is being a patient in the hospital with severe asthma. Just happy to be alive, I was hoping to … Read more104th trip to the slammer for Asthma

Hospital stay #97

Battle scars: 4 failed arterial line attempts and 12 failed IV attempts. I have no veins left and my radial arteries are so scarred up from previous insertions, that it’s virtually impossible to get access unless they put a central line in. Very frustrating for the doctors and very painful for me. I’d been having … Read moreHospital stay #97

Number 96

Thanks everyone for all your kind emails while I was in the slammer. The hospital volunteer who brought the messages to my bedside, said he’d never delivered so many messages to one person , and that I must be pretty popular:-) Sorry I couldn’t respond to each one individually, but I read all one of … Read moreNumber 96

72 hours of hell.

I always try to write a little something about each and every hospitalization Ive experienced, but this is one Id just as soon forget about. In total , I spent 7 days in the hospital, 6 of them in the Intensive care unit, 3 of those days spent on continuous Bipap with an Albuterol bleed-in … Read more72 hours of hell.


This is a picture of me on a ventilator last year during a severe asthma exacerbation ( what they call status asthmaticus). See the little IV bottle inside the blue rectangle with the milky looking stuff inside ? That’s Propofol ! Also known as Diprivan or “Milk of Amnesia” in medical circles, this is the … Read morePropofol

Number 94….a Bad One

…………..As in my 94th hospital admission for asthma. I had been feeling really crumby most of that weekend prior. My dyspnea was increasing and my peak flows were gradually trending downward. By Sunday evening, it was pretty evident that this flare-up was getting worse, not better. I bolused myself with 60mg prednisone and decided I … Read moreNumber 94….a Bad One

New asthma action plan

After a record number of admissions to the intensive care unit this year, (5 so far), it was pretty evident that my current asthma action wasn’t working anymore. So, at last weeks pulmonary clinic follow-up visit, we (they) came up with a new asthma action plan that will hopefully reduce that high number of ICU … Read moreNew asthma action plan

This is why I couldn’t race this week.

I really must get a new wardrobe. Doug took this picture with this phone cam right after I came off the breathing machine… ( Hey, I have a blog to maintain) failed multiple attempts by medical student to place an arterial line artery. I’m actually allergic to steroids? How weird is that! Years and years … Read moreThis is why I couldn’t race this week.

Test walk

(Today’s photo sure looks better than last Mondays)Five days out of the Intensive care unit and I’m already back on the road. Right now I’m going through Fentanyl, Ativan and Prednisone withdrawals which makes it really difficult to sleep, so I thought I’d try a short walk. I ended up doing a 4 mile test … Read moreTest walk

# 87

16 hours on Bipap, 36 hours on continuous Albuterol and 22 blood gas samples later….I’m pooped. This current prison stay took a lot out of me. I’ll be back to my adorable cheerful racewalking self shortly . I have a marathon to walk in 2 weeks …Depending on your perspective, this will either be the … Read more# 87

# 86

Wednesday I went in for a scheduled meeting with my parole officer and ended up back in the slammer for a few days. I’m home now , but I’ll be out of commission for a while. Thanks to all the cool Doctors and Nurses who took care of me this time around— there wasn’t a … Read more# 86