Could the Azithromycin therapy actually be working?

I hate to jinx myself by writing this post, but I haven’t had an exacerbation severe enough to warrant a hospital stay, dare I say since the beginning of this year? Been roughly 4 months and counting since the last big one. May not sound like a long time, but between late 2015 and late … Read moreCould the Azithromycin therapy actually be working?

Macrolide therapy

This past week I started on yet another experimental therapy. This time it’s long- term Macrolide therapy using Azithromycin. As an add-on therapy, recent studies indicate that the long term use of macrolides can help decrease asthma symptoms, including wheezing and shortness of breath. I’ll will be starting with 250 mgs of Azithromycin every other … Read moreMacrolide therapy