Yes, I still walk

Found these in my closet today. Sure brings back a lot of memories, mostly good ones. They were my very first pair of race walking shoes that I purchased 12 years ago while training for my first full marathon. They’re a little beat up and don’t have much tread left on them now, but I […]

Steve – 9, Asthma—a big fat ZERO!

This might sound corny, but I feel like Ive just been reborn. On Oct 5th I finished my 9th marathon at the Portland Marathon. If you’ve been reading my updates, this was a scheme I had hatched while hospitalized back in July. I was feeling incredibly down at the time and was curious to see […]

Uh-oh… He’s at it again

Tell me that I can’t do something and it’s a pretty sure bet that I’ll find a way to prove you wrong. That’s pretty much the way Ive been feeling these past couple years, only it wasn’t other people telling me I couldn’t do things, it was myself. I swore when I finally crossed the […]

Third time’s a charm

Not sure the title of this post applies, since Ive already succeeded at this two times already, but it has a nice positive ring to it and it puts me in a good mood. So after months of contemplation and a series of decent test walks , Ive decided to take a 3rd shot at […]

No Mountain climbing for me :-(

Looks like I jumped the gun on this one. After polling my family, friends and doctors, and after reading up on high altitude hiking, Ive decided to heed some good advise for a change and will not be participating in the Mt Evans COPD Challenge hike. The elevation just makes it too risky for someone […]

Behind that finish line smile

Ok, so I look really strong in some of my finish line photos, but believe me.. looks can be very very deceiving. I’m an expert at hiding what I feel inside (I think most asthmatics are, to some degree.) Behind those smiles were waves of excruciating pain shooting down my legs. My breathing was really […]

Boston—-7 hours 17 minutes and change

20 feet from the finish line Details and tons of more photos and videos in the following days. ( This is also the very first blog post Ive ever published from my cell phone…pretty cool) Related Posts:Behind that finish line smileIn good companyBoston marathon video highlightsBoston crewAnother write-upBoston 2010

In good company

There might not be very many of us (only 26 this year) and we might not be as sleek as the other runners, but there are some pretty amazing athletes who compete in the Boston marathon’s mobility impaired division. Take for example Keven Counihan. Kevin lost part of his right foot in an accident with […]

You can find me HERE on April 19th

And maybe even HERE ⇩ OK, I never actually said I wasn’t going to do Boston. What I said, is that a victory seemed unlikely. By victory of course, I meant finishing the race in the allotted time. Well, I may not finish the race, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start it. So ready […]

Fancy Smancy Walking Vest

Check out my new walking jacket. I can’t tell you how long Ive searched for a sleeveless jersey or jacket with pockets, that I could wear on cold days or long training walks and races without over-heating. As a marathon walker with major health issues, I also have to carry tons of stuff with me, […]

Race results

Took a while, but I finally got my race results for the San Jose Rock&Roll half….3:08:22 For some reason the results of dozens of people weren’t showing up on the race website. Turns out there was a glitch with when they tried to upload them. Better late than never I suppose. I think there […]

Another write-up

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