Survive an attack, register for a marathon

Makes sense to me…… Get really sick, spend time in the hospital, come home exhausted and depressed, and then immediately sign up to do a 26.2 mile foot race. But then again I’m probably not your typical chronic lunger. After finishing my 8th marathon back in 2011, I had basically shrugged off the notion of […]

I think I’ll go climb a mountain

How’s this for a view! In just a few weeks , if all goes as planned, I hope to be standing on that very same rock with a half a dozen of my COPD friends. The brainchild of my Boston marathon walking partner Mike Mc Bride, the “COPD Mt Evans Challenge” as he calls it, […]

Boston—-7 hours 17 minutes and change

20 feet from the finish line Details and tons of more photos and videos in the following days. ( This is also the very first blog post Ive ever published from my cell phone…pretty cool) Related Posts:Behind that finish line smileIn good companyBoston marathon video highlightsBoston crewAnother write-upBoston 2010

In good company

There might not be very many of us (only 26 this year) and we might not be as sleek as the other runners, but there are some pretty amazing athletes who compete in the Boston marathon’s mobility impaired division. Take for example Keven Counihan. Kevin lost part of his right foot in an accident with […]

Boston crew

You might be surprised by how many people it takes to get 2 severely lung challenged athletes and an 80 lb oxygen cart across the finish line of the world’s most prestigious foot race. Introducing the crew ! Our spotters……………………………………Lizzy and Chuck Not only I am privileged to participate again in this incredible race with […]

Boston still follows me

I didn’t even know that this was out there until anAmerican Assoc for Respiratory Care, a national organization that thousands of Respiratory Therapists belong to. They also put out a science journal called “Respiratory Care” in which I was featured back in 2008. Click the cover to see the article Related Posts:Survive an attack, register […]