Survive an attack, register for a marathon

Makes sense to me…… Get really sick, spend time in the hospital, come home exhausted and depressed, and then immediately sign up to do a 26.2 mile foot race. But then again I’m probably not your typical chronic lunger. After finishing my 8th marathon back in 2011, I had basically shrugged off the notion of […]

Steve – 9, Asthma—a big fat ZERO!

This might sound corny, but I feel like Ive just been reborn. On Oct 5th I finished my 9th marathon at the Portland Marathon. If you’ve been reading my updates, this was a scheme I had hatched while hospitalized back in July. I was feeling incredibly down at the time and was curious to see […]

Training update Aug 2014

Dang… I haven’t written one of the training updates in years. Trying to get in shape to do this race has been challenging to say the least. It’s been 3 years since Ive attempted something crazy like this and I almost forgot just how grueling it can be when you don’t have any functional lung […]

Training to walk my 9th marathon

Hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since I’ve trained for a race. I came close to doing one last year, but a lot of stuff was happening and I was getting sick too often. Well except for my little dental mishap a couple weeks ago, things have been much better lately and that’s […]

Uh-oh… He’s at it again

Tell me that I can’t do something and it’s a pretty sure bet that I’ll find a way to prove you wrong. That’s pretty much the way Ive been feeling these past couple years, only it wasn’t other people telling me I couldn’t do things, it was myself. I swore when I finally crossed the […]

Plan B

Yesterday I completed my final “test” walk in a series of trial walks that started a month ago to see if training for a future marathon might be doable. The plan was to do the Portland marathon this October ( my 3rd time) and then hopefully obtain a qualifying time to enter Boston in 2014 […]

Another write-up

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October race choice

And the winner is…………….. finish line drama that occurred this year. Related Posts:Steve – 9, Asthma—a big fat ZERO!Uh-oh… He’s at it again No Mountain climbing for me :-(Behind that finish line smileRace resultsAnother write-up

Picks for 2008

1) Maratona Della Citta Di Roma (March 16th) A beautiful ancient city and a marathon together? What more could you ask for! 2) E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon (August 17th) “Running along the fringe of the mysterious Area 51, this stretch of highway (375) has an overwhelming number of reported UFO sightings. So much so, […]


It’s weird, but when I look at my marathon photos, it’s almost like I’m looking at a stranger . It’s as though someone else did this race for me and I just went along for the ride. I always seem to look healthier in race pictures than I actually feel. Maybe it has something to […]

Slow…….but worth every extra second.

I did it…..Again ! (Two of a kind) (Mile 6) (mile 13) (St Johns Bridge mile 18)You probably wouldn’t know it by looking at my slow finish results, but today, I’m a very …very happy and lucky person . I know this wasn’t my fastest marathon, nor was it my slowest , but it was […]

Rain or Shine…..Bring it on PORTLAND!

The Portland Marathon festivities have officially begun . Let the good times roll! I’m just on my way out the door to catch my flight to Portland. Gosh.. I can’t believe a whole year has gone by. Seems like I did this marathon just a few weeks ago! It’ll be interesting to compare this years […]

It’s that time again

Well, Friday I’m off to Oregon to hopefully take another stab, at this, my most favorite walking event on the planet….”The Portland Marathon” I say hopefully, because I’m still not totally sure if I’ll be able to walk it. Though, I’m breathing OK, I’ve been having major problems with calf muscle pain/cramps . I’ll make […]