Mixing pleasure with business

With almost 2 hours to kill in between medical appointments last week over at UCSF, I decided to put that otherwise wasted time to good use and do something Ive always wanted to…. I racewalked the Kezar stadium! That’s right…. I racewalked 5.5 miles around the track, and I did it while wearing jeans and … Read moreMixing pleasure with business

The green shoes are back.

Who hoo…scored! Remember the Asics Hyperspeed II and III’s that I had, but couldn’t make up my mind as to which ones to wear at last years Boston Marathon? Well, as much as I wasn’t too crazy for the lime green color, those Hyperspeed II’s were probably the most comfortable racing flats I’d ever worn. … Read moreThe green shoes are back.

When the Cows come home

…….Yeah, that’s just about the time I’ll be crossing the finish line at my next race. For my October race choice, Ive decided to go with the Urban Cow Half marathon, Relay and 5K race. Held in an area near the state capital of California in Sacramento, the Urban Cow marathon looks like a fun … Read moreWhen the Cows come home

World Cup Racewalking Championships

Dave Mc Govern who will be competing this weekend at the Chihuahua Mexico. Dave will be doing the 50K race ….that’s 31 miles! I was checking the local weather report for Chihuahua, and the temperature for the 50K at race time on Saturday morning is expected to be 70 degrees F, and heating up to … Read moreWorld Cup Racewalking Championships

Behind that finish line smile

Ok, so I look really strong in some of my finish line photos, but believe me.. looks can be very very deceiving. I’m an expert at hiding what I feel inside (I think most asthmatics are, to some degree.) Behind those smiles were waves of excruciating pain shooting down my legs. My breathing was really … Read moreBehind that finish line smile

Racewalk Planet Radio Interview

Check out my radio interview with Chris Rael over at Chris is an awesome racewalker and coach. It was a video of Chris racewalking(Dave Mc Governs advanced racewalking clinic in Solana Beach last October. Related Posts:Behind that finish line smileSolana Beach Racewalking ClinicRock&Roll Race ReportHappy to be training again.ClarificationA hyperinflation week


On Thursday I did this…….. for this many miles ⇩ and I used this 6-8 times After I finished the walk, I did this…….. AND THEN THIS⇩ Holy S**T ! Intense exercise actually causes microtrauma, or tiny tears in muscle fibers. This muscle damage not only stimulates muscle cell activity and helps repair the damage … Read moreHardcore

Tiburon Racewalking Clinic

For the photo album, page (The 2010 Tiburon Racewalking Alumni) This was my 4th World Class racewalking clinic in 3 years, and as always, I got to meet some really nice people , had a great workout, a great time, and I learned a lot. I wanna thank our wonderful host, over-pronate quite a bit … Read moreTiburon Racewalking Clinic

Training update– weeks 8 & 9

Wait a minute…….. what the heck happened to weeks 1-7? Well, weeks 1 and 2, (January 1st-8th) I was in the hospital(on a ventilator). Week 3, I was too wiped out from said hospitalization to do any exercise. Week 4, I actually managed to pull off a 10 mile walk. Weeks 5&6 , (January 27th- … Read moreTraining update– weeks 8 & 9

Attention ALL Racewalkers !

Wanna learn to walk faster than most runners run? World Class Racewalking clinic comes to the San Francisco Bay Area March 5th-7th! There’s only limited space left for this one, so USATF 50K racewalk in Surprise Arizona He finished the 50K race in 4:42:14 ( That’s right, he WALKED 31 miles in under 4 3/4 … Read moreAttention ALL Racewalkers !

Your mileage may vary

Well, despite a few minor setbacks, I still managed to end the year with883 miles walked. A drop of almost 400 miles from my best walking year back in 2006, but nonetheless, still impressive when you consider what I have to work with. Overall, my basic walking routine really hasn’t changed that much, I’m still … Read moreYour mileage may vary