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The Hospital I go to when my asthma gets really bad, recently upgraded their electronic charting and patient care computer systems. They’re using the EPIC system, which includes a patient portal via the web. It’s pretty cool because things like labs and xray results are made available to patient almost as soon as they’re available […]

Self Service

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Just one of the advantages of being an asthmatic Respiratory Therapist, though the hospital staff might not be so thrilled. They get a little grouchy when the patients start adjusting ventilator settings 🙂 Now for the serious educational part: The rational for using non -invasive bipap therapy during a severe asthma exacerbations is simply to […]

Use Me !

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The marathon walking–severely asthmatic–RT is in the house and is ready to take your questions. New for this year I’m introducing a new a feature I call “USE ME”, where I answer your questions relating to respiratory therapy, asthma, lung disease, fitness walking or just about anything else you think I might be able to […]

I’m Honored

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Just found out that my story is appearing in the RCB’s annual Newsletter…. “Breathing Matters”. I’m always flattered when an organization or a person writes an article about my fitness walking achievements, but this one is special because it comes from the same government agency that regulates Respiratory Care in the State of California where […]

Boston still follows me

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I didn’t even know that this was out there until anAmerican Assoc for Respiratory Care, a national organization that thousands of Respiratory Therapists belong to. They also put out a science journal called “Respiratory Care” in which I was featured back in 2008. Click the cover to see the article Related Posts:Survive an attack, register […]

Respiratory Therapist/Asthmatic/Patient

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All this buzz about inhalers ,nebulizers and hospitals , got me to thinking of various situations, in which Ive been involved. Not always practicing what I preach. As I’m sureHeliox . As is pretty typical, they kept me on the continuous neb for about 96 hours. That’s’ around 736 Albuterol treatments in just a 4 […]