Option #2 it is!

OK…If I get sick, it’s all your fault! ……… just kidding. Thanks everyone for your

13 miles…. but at what price ?

OK, I’m starting to get a little frustrated. Ive been doing everything by the book in training for the upcoming marathon in March, but it seems that my body has other plans. It was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning and a perfect day for walking in San Francisco, but once again, a couple hours after […]

Off for a while

Just got paroled after spending another 5 days in the hospital. Gonna need an extended period of time to recuperate and reassess my priorities. Related Posts:A common cold with not so common asthmaMy 133rd hospitalization for asthma2 years, 2 million dollarsIn other newsNo matter how well I take care of myself23rd time’s a charm

Didn’t care for Xolair

After taking Xolair injections for a full 12 months, the verdicts in…..It’s not helping me. In fact, I’ve been sicker this year than in most. We gave it a good try, but at a thousand dollars a pop, I can’t really justify continuing the injections. It’s one of those drugs that seems to work wonders […]

Racewalking for Science

As part of the Shortness of breath self-Management research study that I’m involved in over at UCSF, every 3 months I have to go into the lab where they check my PFTs and then have me do a series of physical fitness exercises. Sometimes they have me get on the treadmill and walk uphill until […]

This is why I couldn’t race this week.

I really must get a new wardrobe. Doug took this picture with this phone cam right after I came off the breathing machine… ( Hey, I have a blog to maintain) failed multiple attempts by medical student to place an arterial line artery. I’m actually allergic to steroids? How weird is that! Years and years […]

The three week cycle

Seven days ago, I had one of my best racewalking days ever. In a single interval , I continuously racewalked the entire center span of the Al Zampa Bridge… about 3/8’s of a mile. During that particular walk , I remember telling myself things like “Just because you’re breathing well , don’t get too cocky”….. […]

First Xolair Injection

(this is the actual bottle) Finally, after months of delay , I got my first Xolair injection . 150mg slowly infused under the skin. It’s used to treat the allergic component of my asthma. I get one of these shots every month for ..who knows how long. I’m not expecting any miracles, but if this […]

I’m Normal ………Since when?

I’m Normal ………Since when? My beta receptor genotype finally came back from Boston. The results: Heterozygous ( Gly/Arg) , a normal genotype. Hello! Did they say Hetero ?? Anyway , all this genetic googly gob simply means that I should have a “normal” response to beta agonist medications. In other words… Albuterol is reacting on […]

From the Intensive Care Unit to 5 miles in under a week

Not bad huh? On the other hand , they weren’t exactly quality miles.My legs and feet felt fine, but my darn lungs really held me back. Mile one was a breeze, just the usual bronchospasm I always experience climbing that first hill, but a fast recovery.At the beginning of mile two, which ascends appx 120 […]

Survived number 82

I Was discharged from the joint today, thankfully in one piece , and I just wanted to say to everyone……… THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! for all the kind words and letters. The out pouring of affection and support from my friends has been overwhelming. My body is totally wiped out from all the […]

They Don’t want me

Today, I spoke with one of the Bronchial Thermoplasty researchers at the University of Southern California , he was kind enough to explain this new and potentially revolutionary treatment for severe asthma. The theory, is that if you reduce the amount of smooth muscle ( one of the culprits that causes airway narrowing… which in […]

Are you a hardcore asthmatic ?

Hey, are there any other moderate to severe persistent asthmatics out there? I was thinking it would be interesting to hear from other people who have to take prednisone on a frequent basis. Id like to know if others experience steroid psychosis the way I do. I know from years of working with asthmatics and […]