Tour De Badass YVR

“Badassmatic (adj.): Person with asthma better defined by badassery. Possesses insatiable desire for growth, change and adventure.“ ( Brought to you courtesy of Kerri Mac Kay) (Part 1 of 8 clips) ***For more Badass adventures check out last years trip to Churchill *** Related Posts: Guest Post by Kerri A common cold with not so […]

Off to Italy………

The bags are packed, the legs are ready, and the lungs… well who knows, but in just a few hours, I’ll be on a plane to Italy! For the next 2 weeks I’ll be calling the medieval town of Zagarolo (located in the foothills about 30 minutes southeast from Rome), my home. I have wonderful […]

Off to the Eternal city

(Piazza Navona) Well, after a close call with my lungs this weekend , in just a few hours and with a ton medications in tow, I’ll be on a plane to Italy for the start of my Roman adventure. This trip has been in the planning for nearly eight months and there was no way […]