104th trip to the slammer for Asthma

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Greetings from the 14th floor isolation room a top the Moffitt building at UCSF medical center in San Francisco. Your guest host for tonight’s show is..well, me of course. I’ll be discussing how much fun it is being a patient in the hospital with severe asthma. Just happy to be alive, I was hoping to […]

Number 96

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Thanks everyone for all your kind emails while I was in the slammer. The hospital volunteer who brought the messages to my bedside, said he’d never delivered so many messages to one person , and that I must be pretty popular:-) Sorry I couldn’t respond to each one individually, but I read all one of […]

Number 94….a Bad One

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…………..As in my 94th hospital admission for asthma. I had been feeling really crumby most of that weekend prior. My dyspnea was increasing and my peak flows were gradually trending downward. By Sunday evening, it was pretty evident that this flare-up was getting worse, not better. I bolused myself with 60mg prednisone and decided I […]

Recording my life for science……(and $125.00 cash)

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This chart represents my dyspnea levels ( shortness of breath levels ), recorded daily for the past 330 days , and is part of a year long research study I’m involved in that deals with dyspnea, it’s effect on ones ability to exercise, and the most effective ways of providing education and support to those […]

Racewalking for Science

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As part of the Shortness of breath self-Management research study that I’m involved in over at UCSF, every 3 months I have to go into the lab where they check my PFTs and then have me do a series of physical fitness exercises. Sometimes they have me get on the treadmill and walk uphill until […]

New Reseach study

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Next week I’ll be taking part in yet another clinical research project at UCSF. This time it’s a study about “dyspnea” ( perceived shortness of breath), related to chronic lung disease , and the efficacy of various self -management techniques , including exercise. They want to find out whether it’s better to teach patients these […]