Test walk

(Today’s photo sure looks better than last Mondays)
Five days out of the Intensive care unit and I’m already back on the road.

Right now I’m going through Fentanyl, Ativan and Prednisone withdrawals which makes it really difficult to sleep, so I thought I’d try a short walk.

I ended up doing a 4 mile test walk to see where any potential problems areas might be, ie..lungs, leg cramps, diarrhea etc. The medications I’m on have some pretty nasty side effects, and with less than two weeks left until the Portland marathon, I wanted see what I’m going to be up against. When I was in the hospital, they put IVs in my arms and feet. The one that they put in my foot is really sore and hurts when I bend my ankle.

Well ,with the exception of some major shortness of breath and muscle fatigue, I think the “test walk” went fairly well . Because I’m still on a lot steroids, the undesirable consequences of todays walk probably wont surface until tomorrow. I’ll have a better handle on things , then. It’s amazing how weak a short hospital stay can make you.

At this point though, it’s still too soon to predict if I’ll be strong enough to walk a full marathon in two weeks, but I’ll give it my best shot.

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  1. Brittney says:

    Yep, I agree that photo looks a lot better. :)

    Glad your walk went fairly well. Maybe you will fly on the next one?

    Anyway, I hope things keep going well and you rock (boy I sound like my friends on runnersworld!) the Portland Marathon in a couple weeks.


  2. Fran says:

    Sorry to hear you were back in the hospital again. Hopefully you’ll be okay for the marathon in two weeks. BTW, thanks for the shout out on your blog. I’ll try not to disappoint!

  3. rick says:

    yea sorry to hear that you landed back in the hospital. The things you have to deal with would keep some us in the bed and in the house. I hope you recover in time for Portland.

  4. Bob Gentile says:

    Geesh Stephen…just caught up a bit on ur blog, first off happy belated B-day bro. Great pic of ur medals!!

    Glad u had a good test walk, I am not sure how to advise u on ur upcoming race…but for me I would just keep pressing on, just like u are doing!!

    Keep the faith and KEEP ur ass moving!! Hey I never said we are the smartest peeps but whatever, right, RIGHT!!–lol

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