Even though it sucks living with severe asthma, things could be worse.. much worse. I’m fortunate on so many fronts. I tend to post a lot about the negatives, so here are a few positives:

* Despite more than 100 hospitalizations and some close calls with this disease, Ive managed to survive 59 years and am still going strong.

* I have 4 or 5 really severe exacerbations every year, but I usually pull through them more or less intact.

* I have to take a ton of medications, but Ive never had to inject any of them like some my friends have to.

* I live with chronic debilitating breathlessness, but Ive never had to deal with chronic debilitating pain.

* I can’t run or jog more than 50 feet, but I can walk 5 miles fast without breaking a sweat.

* I hold the worlds record for the number of intubations, but Ive never broken a bone(unless you consider teeth bones).

* The disease makes me tired and weak, but it hasn’t stopped me from traveling the world.

* Ive suffered from all the side effects of steroids, but Ive never had to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy.

* I’m allergic to just about everything organic, but I rarely catch the common cold or the flu.

* My lung function is super low and my blood pressure sometimes super high, but other than that, I’m pretty dang healthy.

* 10 years ago they told me I wouldn’t live another 2 years. Did I mention I’m almost 60 years old and still alive?

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4 thoughts on “The positives

  1. Awesome!! I have been trying to do this as well!! Have to look at the positive!! Laugh as much as you can and do the things you want to do!! Thank you, I so so glad I found your blog 🙂

    Kelly 🙂
    From yet another snowy day in Calgary!! 🙂

    1. Well sure incredibly stupid yes!! Haha .. I actually cut the grass on Thursday … so i think I jinxed it hhaahah 🙂

      Have a great day 🙂
      Kelly 🙂

  2. I like your positive spin on things! No matter what, however bad things can get, there’s always stuff we have that makes us lucky.

    Interestingly, while i can swim for kilometres, i am disabled and could not walk unassisted for 20m. While my asthma has its severe moments, it’s not chronic, however i do live with chronic and debilitating and incurable pain (15 years now and will have it for the yest of my life). But i too have travelled the world (and gotten asthma treatment in 3 countries!) and i consider myself very fortunate and happy in general! I think living through things like these make you more willing to strive higher and appreciate what we have.

    It could always be worse – we could have boring lives!

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