What to get the lung transplant recipient who has everything.

I normally don’t post excerpts or links to other peoples posts, but this one I couldn’t resist. Like the many others who’ve reposted it, I just love it.

Piper, a recent double lung transplant recipient who had Cystic Fibrosis, lists her recommendations for that perfect holiday gift. I especially love the gift of prednisone.
Her thought provoking humor on this topic is the bitter sweet reality for a lot of lung transplant recipients. It made me think a lot about my own predicament and just how lucky I have it right now. I was going to post it last week when I first read it, but had an unexpected date with a hospital bed instead.

All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two New Lungs)

Every year the holidays roll around and hundreds of CF/post-transplant spouses and significant others are left struggling with what gift to buy their sensual, scarred sweetie. Tragically, many of these clueless Cassanovas will miss the mark entirely, presenting their beloved with a gift basket of grapefruit or a membership to the Raw Meat of the Month Club. But don’t be one of them! Let us help you stuff her stocking and trim her tree with helpful and exciting drugs from all walks of post-transplant life. Trust us, she (and her lungs) will thank you

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  1. mymusicallungs says:

    I clicked the link to read her post and it is wicked. I love her sarcasm. Pitched at just the right level. I pray all carries on going well for her. Cute Puppy too….

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