Why This Blog?

Back in 2005, after doing an extensive search on the web, I couldn’t find very many people blogging about what it’s actually like to live day to day with the more severe form of asthma.I thought I would change that. In doing so, I changed myself as well.

I created this site to share my observations and experiences in coping with this debilitating disease and the many challenges of maintaining a daily fitness program and a meaningful productive life. For me this includes aerobic exercise in the form of walking 1-3 miles per day and low impact strength training for my upper body. I’m heavily involved in Severe Asthma/COPD advocacy and education. Im also a medical research subject for on-going asthma related studies. I’m brutally honest when it comes to writing about my disease. I don’t hold back or embellish anything. What you see and read here is happening to a real person.

Writing about this crazy journey is therapeutic as well. It helps me cope with the burden of living with this disease. I put my stuff out there for others find, and in a manner that’s easier to understand then typical medical journals. With over 200 million asthmatics on the planet, Im certainly not the only one struggling with a very severe form of the disease. I hope my personal experiences and the information I provide here will reach people who find it useful in someway…this includes Physicians and medical Scientists as well.

I exercise and keep as active as I can because it makes me feel good about myself, but mostly I do it to stay alive! It’s a fact that keeping in good physical shape is crucial for people with all forms of chronic lung disease. I suppose in my case, I’ve taken it to the extreme, but If I can do it, anyone can. Exercise won’t cure your lung disease, but it can certainly help you live a better, more satisfying and probably longer life.

Im not my disease, Im person living with one. Aside from my breathing issues, Im pretty much like anyone else. I have lots of interests and hobbies, including music, traveling whenever Im able, and educating others about this crummy disease.

Thanks for reading my stuff.