My new Aeroneb Go

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True story…..Shortly after I blogged my observations about a new neb that the RTs at UCSF tried me on while I was in the hospital in March, I received an email from Aerogen thanking me for the unsolicited review of their product. Unbeknownst to me, the RT dept at the hospital contacted Aerogen, telling them […]

Those damn stickers

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Things get lost or disappear in a busy hospital,so I totally understand the need to properly identify a patients personal belongs. On plastic bags, documents, even on clothing is fine. But seriously, don’t put them on my phone or favorite leather wallet that you’ve now ruined and will have pay for. If it hasn’t been […]

I almost forgot who I am

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I’m so much more than just the quirky little dude with bad lungs. I’m the original badass asthmatic. I made the words “fitness” and “lung disease” sound cool together. Im the first and only person with really severe asthma ever to finish the Boston marathon. Not once…but 3 times. Im also one who doesn’t gets […]