Not to shabby for damaged goods …huh

What a difference a year of committed training makes. Other than my toes burning a little and developing a slight case of thigh chafing , this years pre-race LSD was so much better than last years. And.. I finished this one 45 minutes faster! Just to be safe though, I’ll wait until tomorrow to issue a final ruling on today’s performance ( to see how sore my body might become)

I walked the from West Portal station to the northwestern tip of Golden Gate park then looped back , and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from racewalking a good portion of it. I can see now, that a little racewalking is a must for the long haul fitness walker.—cuts down on the boredom

Anyway, as an added bonus, I had a 4 lane highway all to myself ! Yup..apparently they had to close the Great Highway to traffic because of blowing sand .
It was like I had my own 5 mile mini marathon course. Except for an occasional biker, I pretty much had the whole road to myself. I hugged the second lane stripe and racewalked in short segments, all the way down .
What an unexpected treat . It was so weird and sooooo cool at the same time.

I think I’m starting to get that feeling back!! and the thought of doing 26 doesn’t seem quite as daunting now.

Distance 10.21 miles
Average pace was 13:42
Max pace 6:44
Total time 2:07:32
Calories burned 1760

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