There was a scheduling conflict with my 14 mile LSD, and a follow-up visit I have at the stroke center at UCSF medical center this Wednesday. Since I pride myself on my time management skills, I thought the following remedy would be appropriate……………Incorporate the two!
I’ve chosen a scenic 14 mile long slow walk which starts at the Ferry building, continues along the SF water front, through the Presidio to ocean beach and back through Golden gate park where my walk will terminate at the front door of UC medical center.

After my neurology appointment, I can hop on the muni N-line which will take me back to my starting point at the Ferry Building……..BRILLIANT!
Yeah, I admit I might be a little stinky after walking for 3 and a half hours, but it sure beats making a separate trip.

(After planning something like this……. I probably should have my head examined!)

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