2008 in Review

OK, everyone seems to be doing a 2008 year in review, so here’s mine.

I fitness walked 838 miles , which is way down from the almost 1,000 miles I walked in 2007 and more than 1,200 miles I walked in 2006. Most of that decline was planned, because I wanted to spend more time cross training in the gym ( which, by the way hasn’t worked out too well). My iffy health was probably a factor as well.

I completed 3 races in 2008…. the operative word here is “completed”. Not a lot of races , but they were all very unique and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to do them …and FINISH them. I walked 26.2 miles at the Maratona di Roma in Italy in March, followed by my very first 5K race at the San Francisco Marathon in August , then 2 weeks later my first nighttime half marathon up the side of a mountain in the middle of area 51 in the Nevada desert. The desert walk was by far the most difficult half marathon Ive ever done ( 13 miles uphill). Unfortunately I didn’t PR any of these races, but then again, I didn’t train very hard for any of them either. And for the second year in a row, thanks to my lungs, I had to back out of a prepaid, non-refundable trip and race, which ironically , I did train very hard for. Maybe too hard.

Speaking of stupid lungs, 2008 saw me in prison 5 times, for a record of 33 days spent behind bars in just one year. In other medical news; I completed 2-one year long asthma research studies, I stopped taking Xolair injections, I stopped taking my daily maintenance dose of prednisone , and for the first time in three years, saw a decline in my average FEV1, which is now below 40%.


I have plans for only one or two races this year, a full marathon and possibly a half marathon. Ive mentioned doing the Rome marathon several times , but there’s a possibility that I may do another marathon just 4 weeks after the Rome marathon. This will be the first time Ive contemplated doing 2 full marathons back to back ( YUP..Im insane). I’m keeping a lid on the details for that 2nd marathon until I know for sure ( hopefully within the next few weeks). As for the half marathon, my choices are the SF marathon, The US Half ( in San Francisco a well), Seattle marathon or possibly a marathon in Florence (Firenze) or Rome again. In addition, I hope to do another one of Dave Mc Governs Racwalking clinics.

Aside from the Rome marathon in March, I hope to return to Italy again in the fall just to tour the country. Back here at home, I hope to extend my involvement in the asthma research and education field.

I guess my biggest hope, is to spend less time in the hospital, and more time enjoying the little things that most people take for granted.


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3 thoughts on “2008 in Review

  1. What a year! You did well, and although your health has declined over the year, maybe this year will be better for you prison time wise, at least I hope it will be…

    Happy New Year


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