Remember my Boston marathon jacket from 2009?

Well, with the high cost of anything related to the Boston marathon(especially merchandise), and with the fewer dollars I have available to spend on this years race swag, I decided to get creative.

Rather than buying the official 2010 Boston jacket (which btw, is not as nice as the 2009 jacket), I just had the year “2010” embroidered on last years jacket. I might have them embroider “114th” on it as well to make it look even better. Either way, I think it looks just as good as having a new jacket. Gives you kind of the ” Veteran” look.

I can’t take credit for this idea. Last year I saw several Boston repeaters who did the same thing. I remember seeing one guy who had 10 dates added to his 1999 jacket. Let’s face it, it gets expensive to shell out a $100 for an official jacket every year. Then again, how many people actually do the Boston marathon more than once? Surprisingly….. quite a few.

People really covet these jackets. They’re kind of a status symbol that says ” Look at me, I made it to “Boston” . You should see how many people are wearing these jackets at Logan airport, the weekend of the race. It’s kind of a badge of honor. People will walk up to you out of the blue and give you that special nod. It’s really cool.

OK, I’m not a total cheapskate, I did fork out $25.00 for this 2010 hat ( gotta have the hat).

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4 thoughts on “2010 Boston Swag on the cheap

  1. NICE! Genius, my friend.

    I like your status symbol point. I saw a guy here once (in line at a McDonalds) wearing a Boston jacket. And I got all excited, and immediately thought he was awesome. Oh, and I thought of you :P.

  2. My husband did the same thing…new hat, no new jacket. I've been to four embroidery shops and none of them could match the thread on the 2009 jacket. Is yours an exact match, and if so do you know the thread name or number? Thanks.

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