Without going into a detailed mile by mile re-play, let me just say that you couldn’t ask for a better day to hold a marathon or a better group of friends to share it with. It was a beautiful , slightly warm, fog-free day in the city by the bay and that I’m tickled pink (and partially in shock) that I finished in under 3 hours. Amazing ..when you consider that just two days ago I was in the yellow zone with my breathing, dealt with a major sunburn on my back and chest, topped by 3 days of total insomnia from the prednisone which I started when I was in the yellow zone.

For this race I did a combination of regular fitness paced walking mixed with some legal racewalking. I would basically walk a city block, then racewalked a city block or walk the uphills and then racewalk the downhills. etc etc. Surprisingly, I was able to maintain this 1:1 ratio until about the tenth mile when my lungs started to catch up with me. After that it was more like a 1:5 ratio. I won’t tell you how many times I used the albuterol , but it was way too much.

I think my body handled the walk well except for those darn leg cramps and my usual breathing problems …..Breath Stacking ( basically the inability to exhale completely)

It was a hectic but fun weekend. I think we all achieved our objectives. Now Im taking a week off.

Kudos to Brandon , Rachael, Ann, Vickie and Jim —- WELL DONE!

21st Century Mom, it was good talking with you.

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5 thoughts on “2:52:45

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Congrats! Good to hear you had a good race.

    On the air trapping, what are your tactics for trying to get a good exhale? I’ve even resorted to hugging myself and squeezing tightly in the past; anything to get more air OUT and try to get a deep breath IN.

  2. Anita says:

    Awesome Steve! You must be SO thrilled by your accomplishment! Portland next my man, Portland next!

  3. Scooter says:

    I’ve been reading you for a couple of weeks. I wanted to say congratulations to you. I must applaud your attitude, in the end, the battle is against us, our inner demons (or medical ones), and the conditions of the day. Congrats on a good performance.

  4. ruthenium says:

    Great job Steve. I know a lot of people that can’t run a half marathon in under 3 hours! You should be proud.

  5. 21st Century Mom says:

    I put my post in the wrong place. It was great talking to you, too but I missed an opportunity to say hello as I ran passed you. You were speedwalking and I was going to ask,’Are you Steve’ but I just kept going. What a fool!

    Congrats on your race. I agree that the day was perfect. If you and your group are ever going to do Inspiration Point let me know – I love running up there and it would be fun to meet up.

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