I hope I’m not jinxing myself by writing this post, but if you’ve been monitoring my little “days out of the hospital” widget, then you know that this week makes 6 months that I’ve been hospital free **YAY!**

I wouldn’t break out the campaign bottles just yet, as I still have twice as long to go before breaking my all time record, but I think it’s a milestone which deserves at least a little recognition.

And to what do I attribute this extended reprieve? I’m not really sure. Most likely, it’s a combination of better dyspnea coping tools (opiate medications, relaxation techniques and exercise), a much better diet (organic with less sugar), less stress, and somewhat better weather this year. It could also be that I’ve just become more stubborn and have raised the bar on what I consider to be hospital worthy exacerbations.

Whatever the reason behind this good fortune, I sure hope it decides to sticks around for a while. Staying out of the hospital is something I could really get used to. Wouldn’t it be something if I could break my all time record of 13 months hospital free?

Of course, being hospital free doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve been symptom free. Most Severe asthmatics never reach 100% symptom free status, even for a single day. Still, it’s encouraging to know that Ive gone a half a year without becoming critically ill again. It gives me hope that I still have a lot of good days ahead of me.

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13 thoughts on “6 months—Hospital Free!

  1. kerri says:


    1. Thank you Mz Lovely, Hopefully, you\’ll maintain the record of NEVER being hospitalized for your asthma.

      1. kerri says:

        Heck yea!
        Somethin special is comin' your way, give me a few minutes ;-).

  2. wheezytux says:

    wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo thats awesome news!!!! steve so pleased for you. Got my fingers crossed it will be much longer than six months you are out!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! x

    1. Thanks O ! How long has it been for you?

      1. wheezytux says:

        umm…ten weeks!!!! I will get to six months. I am determined to stay out of hospital. and determined that if i do ahve to go in again I wont be going to ICU. The last few admissions ahve all ended up with intensive care!!!

  3. melissamashburns says:

    Awesome!!! I have not been hospitalized since February. It feels good doesn't it?

  4. GayleMyrna says:

    Hi Stephen: Congrats on the 6 months hospital free! Keep on keeping on!

    1. Hey Thanks Gayle. How long has it been for you?

      1. GayleMyrna says:

        I was in the hospital for about 2 1/2 days in April. But since May have been on a pretty good run for me…I have my daily symptoms, but only having to use the inhaler maybe once a day or twice a day..sometimes several days without. So I have gotten into my highly optimistic mode. See how long this lasts : ) !!!

  5. brenda says:

    Wow 6 months seems like a good number.. I have been hospital/icu free for that too… Like you said not symptom free but Hospital Free…

  6. tabitha says:

    Steve, my 5 year old son has severe asthma. I’m so heartbroken to point of uncontrollable crying and inability to sleep over our last admission into hospital. What advice can you give me as a mom to try and turn around his severity

    1. Sorry to hear about your child. My advise is educate yourself as much as you can about the different forms of this disease and seek out a medical team who specialize in pediatric asthma. While I dont know anything about your sons asthma, I hope you can take comfort in knowing that the vast majority of children outgrow their asthma.

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