Unless you’re new here, you probably noticed that I changed the appearance of my blog… (slightly). This is the 6th makeover I’ve done in almost as many years. Hope it looks OK.

To be honest, I was getting really tired of all those blue colors in the old layout, and the core theme itself, was way out of date. It was just getting to difficult to customize it anymore.

I decided to go with more of a modern magazine style. I think it works well and is fairly easy on the eyes.

Some of my past lives:






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4 thoughts on “6th incarnation

  1. Yep-Good Job, Steve, I like it. I like the whole Newspapery feel to the format. Really hi-tech. Really Good Job!
    (I remember your Blog Header from 2007. I guess that must be when I discovered you then!)

    Hugs x

  2. wheezytux says:

    New format is great, I started following your blog in 2008 so remember the second from last. the other blog designs look pretty cool. do you design them yourself???

    1. Stephen says:

      Hi Olvia, Thanks!.. My earliest templates were from Blogger . I didn’t switch over to WordPress until 2008 . I usually use a pre-made premium WordPress themes, then I customize them . (I’m not good enough with css to design a theme from scratch). As far as the headers go, I come up with a concept, but I have someone else design them for me.

  3. kerri says:

    It's lovely, lovely! 😀 Well done! [I love Winston in the sidebar!!!]

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