Wednesday I was discharged from my 84 th incarceration for the crime of asthma.

I hadn’t been breathing well for most of last week, and by the time Monday rolled around I just couldn’t tolerate it anymore (even Superman has his limits.) So at 10:30 on Monday night , Douglas convinced me that it was time go in and promptly drove me to the ER. Soon after arriving, I was evaluated and admitted directly to the hospital. The only problem was , the hospital didn’t have any critical care beds and I ended up staying in the emergency room for 22 hours. Finally at 8 pm on Tuesday evening, they found a bed for me and I was transferred upstairs to one of the ICUs. Later that night , and without the need for the ultimate intervention ( intubation), I broke through the exacerbation. My symptoms were reversing , my airways were becoming more patent and I was finally starting to breath easier. By Wednesday morning I was well enough that they agreed to let me go home.

Damage Control……..24 hours of continuous , heart pounding,head splitting, nerve jittering…. nebulized Albuterol
10 Hours of Bipap Claustrophobia ( full mask with continuous neb bleed in)
6 ABGs (2 of them, unsuccessful sticks …ie..the excruciating kind)
1 Arterial line ( after they gave up trying to poke me )
no food or water for 36 hours
Laying on a hard gurney for 22 hours
625mg of the evil candy pumped into my veins. ( Ill be psychotic for 2 weeks now))

The good news.……….Out of the hospital in 2 days and

The really good news…..I might still make it to the Racewalking clinic this weekend (though I won’t be able to participate much)

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