I don’t know if walking 26 miles had anything to do with this, but what started as a simple chest cold the day after the marathon, turned into : 27 hours on a ventilator , five days on bi pap, 72 hours on continuous albuterol, 6 arterial punctures, one arterial line, eight IV insertions , two chest x rays, one CT scan and a team of 8 doctors scratching their heads again.

On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate this attack a 6 or 7 – a moderate attack. I’ve had much worse. The hard part is weaning off the drugs so I can feel human again.

Thank You Critical Care Nurses: Pat, Kathleen,Donminic,Sue,Loren, Ruth, Mylee,
Thank You Doctors: Fang, Kwan, Wolfstat and all the attendings.
Thank You Respiratory Therapists
Thank You CT Technicians
Thank You Brandon
Thank You Dave Mc Govern
Thank You Walking Faster Club
Thank You fellow bloggers
Thank You Barry Manilow
Thank you to my dear Douglas

and finally
to the Worlds Greatest Nurse Cathrine
If you want to see how I really feel …click the pic.

I remain out of commission until my body heals.

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