I haven’t had an decent walk day ( or breathing day for that matter) in nearly a month. I did manage to squeak out 15 miles last week ,but they were very unpleasant. I huffed an puffed my way through every single mile.

As a person who has dealt with this disease for more than 50 years, I’ve developed an unusually high tolerance for the labored breathing often brought on by prolonged strenuous activity . In fact, that’s probably why I’ve been able to do , what I do…. so well. I’m very strong willed and I can tolerate extreme breathing discomfort

The problem I fear, is that my lung function is finally starting to catch up with my perception of it. I guess what Im trying to say, is that I’m worried that my lung function is slowly deteriorating and starting to impact my walking abilities.

Hopefully, its just the rainy weather and nothing more, that’s been causing my lungs to act up more than usual. I live in California, but even the occasional and mild humidity that we have here , can make my life miserable for days. I just don’t want to loose all that I’ve gained.

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