Today’s walk was by far, the coldest and foggiest ones Ive ever done. 45 degrees when I started and 47 when I finished , 96 minutes later. The fog was so thick I couldnt see 20 feet in front of me. I wasnt sure how my lungs would react to this cold damp air but, so far …so good. I managed to crank out 5.6 miles before my face and hands got too cold for me to continue. For the first time in a long time, the outside temperature bothered me more than the physical exertion. Usually , the first walking day of the week is the hardest for me…not today. An indication of how well my walk will go , is the amount of purse lip breathing that I have to do while Im on the flat sections of the course. On the uphills, I always have to purse lip, no matter how I feel . Today I didn’t have to purse lip until well into the walk ,so I knew that this would be a good day!

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