I totally missed the mark on today’s walk. Started off feeling great but, 2 miles into it, I could feel myself breath stacking ( the inability to fully exhale before taking the next breath) That, plus my body was really overheating . My shins were killing me and I generally felt like crap. I had to take way too many rest breaks and way too many hits of albuterol . I completed the 6 miles but, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I was huffing n puffing all the way. Post walk peak flow =290

This has become an all to familiar occurrence. I wake up feeling refreshed, breathing pretty good and eager to get my walk under way. I do all the preparation that you’re supposed to, including pre-medicating, checking peak flows etc. Then, a mile or two into the walk, I crash and burn…………….So frustrating. I wish I could better predict how Im going to feel on a walk before I actually begin it. This always presents a potential problem when I enter walking events. I never really know how my body is going to react to the physical exertion until its too late. So far, I’ve been lucky. I’ve entered two 1/2 marathon event and finished both under the time limit. Nevertheless, I stress about this before every race

Fellow running blogger , Live to Run , Run to Live phrases it nicely ;
“It’s just that this flip-flopping of good runs then bad runs is annoying. Why can’t I experience something approximating an even keel?”

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