Had a great weekend, one of the best actually, in quite some time. On Saturday I was breathing so well, that I was able to go a full 12 hours without having to take a neb treatment. I did use my inhaler a couple times, but overall, I think it was the best breathing day Ive had in the last 3 months and I am grateful.

Spent part of the weekend with two of my runner friends, Brandon and Rachel who came up for the marathon. I gave them a mini tour of the city like I always do, this time including a drive up to Twin peaks followed by lunch and shopping in the Castro. The weather was classic San Francisco with fog at the beach and total sun on the other side of the hill, perfect temps all weekend long.

After lunch we went out to the marathon Expo so my friends could pick up their bibs and goodie bags . I’m not sure why the SF marathon promoters moved the Expo so far away from the starting area where most people stay , but this is something Ive noticed happening at more and more marathon events. At the Rome marathon for example, the Expo is actually located a full 10 miles away from the actual race course. The Boston Expo is located 25 miles away from the starting line. I guess it has something to do with size and cost.

sf marathon weekend 7-25-2009 018

Later in the day we kicked back in their hotel room and picked through the goodie bags like they were Halloween candy bags or something. It was pretty much the standard stuff though… race advertisements, magazines, discounts coupons for shoes, chapstick a couple candy bars, etc.

My friend actually bought a bag full of 2006 finisher medals that they were selling at the Expo as coasters. They’re the actual finisher medals from that year,but without the ribbon attached. If you’ve never seen a SFM medal, these things are huge.
After a nice afternoon I said goodbye to my friends and headed home. I will meet up with them again in Las Vegas in 2 weeks for the ET marathon.

Sunday’s breathing wasn’t as good as Saturdays and I ended up needing a couple more neb treatments, but my breathing was still much better than in the previous weeks. Spent most of the day hanging around the house, eating junk food and trying to figure out what I’m gonna wear for ET race (costumes are big in that event.)

After a very depressing 3 months of bouncing in and out of the hospital and thinking I was near my end, this weekend gave me a little more reassurance that I still have a few good breathing days left in me…that are worth living for.

Congrats to all those who participated in the San Francisco marathon this weekend!

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2 thoughts on “A good weekend

  1. Sounds like a good weekend!
    I need to get in on some marathon goodie bags :). Guess that means I have to do a marathon first.

    Glad to hear the lungs are treating you better–you deserve it!

  2. Buying finisher’s medals is so wrong… I finished my 5th SF Marathon yesterday and decided to use the set as coasters. Now you tell me that I could have just bought them for a few dollars.

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