That seems to be my theme for this first week of July. These annoying and extremely uncomfortable hyperinflation flare-ups ( air-trapping) seem to come out of the blue and can last well over a week. Nebulized bronchodilators can take the edge off, but they don’t ameliorate the problem completely.

I fell into the yellow zone a few days ago because of it and haven’t been able to do any racewalking at all. Though probably not the smartest thing to do, I’ve still been able to get my regular 5’s and 6’s in ( I’m a glutton for punishment). I find that if I keep my pace under 15min/mile, that I get less air- trapped, but it still makes for an uncomfortable walk–I huff and puff the entire way and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else

Hopefully my lungs will deflate back to their baseline FRC within the next few days and I can get on with my life and resume my training.

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