I love when this happens…..

I was doing my usual jaunt over the Al Zampa bridge( this is usually where I practice my racewalking skills) when, for a brief time, things just started to click. For maybe a 100 yards or so , all of the individual racewalking elements that I had been practicing, came together perfectly.

For a few moments, I was in the groove. I was racewalking!, smoothly and almost effortlessly . Everything just felt right. For a short time, I didn’t have to make a conscience effort to put this leg here, put that foot there, move my hip this way…etc. All of these separate movements flowed into a single coordinated motion which propelled me forward. What a feeling!
The only problem is that these moments don’t happen to often. When they do, I get so excited that I tend to increase my pace to see just how fast and far I can go and that’s when I get into trouble with my asthma, that’s when the reality really sets in. I will never be a true racewalker for the same reason that I will never be a runner. You need to go fast……. and to go fast , you need good lungs!

For the time being, I will be happy with these ” racewalking moments” even if only for short distances. I hope to eventually increase my distances if not my speed. For me this is quite an accomplishment. Ive been practicing these techniques without a coach for nearly a year. I have to thank Dave Mc Govern ( Daves Racewalking) for his emphasizing the need to practice the basics correctly, over and over and over. To break those standard running and walking habits from the very start. It will be tough at first, but will really payoff in the long run . That is so true!

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