Saturday I had the pleasure of watching fellow blogger and friend, Adama and his Sister, cross the finish line at the Mt. Diablo Trail Runs in Clayton California.
Adama came all the way from Arizona to participate in this race. If you’ve ever read his blog, you knows he’s done a half marathon , PR’d in a million 5ks and has been rapidly taking on new challenges. Today was his ( and his sisters) first trail run, and they both did a fantastic job. Man…you gotta admire people who run over mountains ( literally )… for the fun of it. We’re talking about ascending to elevations of 4,000 -5000 ft!

Some of the people at this event were doing 8Ks, some like Adama, did the 25K, and quite a few did the 50K …….ouch.
Though I’m not really familiar with the “whose who” of the trail racing community, many of the names of the finishers sounded familiar to me. I think I’ve heard them mentioned in other blogs. I must say also, that I was pretty impressed by the couple who ran this event—very close knit –very non-commercial. It seems to be their passion …..and it really showed.

Anyway, after the race we hung out for a while and talked about everything under the sun. It’s always exciting when you actually get to meet the people behind the blogs you read. Adama is exactly the way I pictured him– He’s a Super person! Humble…..and down to earth. A great guy ! I cant wait to read his race report.
I wish him and his sister all the best in the future. Be sure to check out blog !

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