Look Ma…No headphone wires….
The kind folks at Sony asked this walk man if he would share his opinion about their Walkman!
I’m referring to the Sony Walkman W series wireless MP3 player.

First of all, you should know that I practically live in headphones and an MP3 player. Listening to music is as much a part of my walking, as the physical workout itself. It gets worse than that though. You see, I’m somewhat of an audio nerd as well. I’m extremely finicky when it comes to the actual quality of the sound that reaches my eardrums. You might remember that before I went into medical field, I worked as a recording/sound engineer.. an audiophile if you will. Whether I’m listening to music on a home audio system, at a live concert , or during my workouts on my Mp3 player, I want to feel the music. I want to hear the full range sound, from crisp highs to resonating lows and punchy bass.

The Walkman W series MP3 system, is basically a set of headphones that have an Mp3 player built right into them. Amazingly, they were able to cram all the standard MP3 function controls into such a tiny little package. Pretty cool actually. What you have here is a no frills 2gb player that hooks over your ears kinda like the way Blue-tooth receivers do, so no need for headphone wires.
When not in use, the two ear pieces come together via magnets to form the shape of a heart…..Ahhh aint that cute 🙂

Now I’m not exactly a follow- the-instruction manual kinda guy, but getting the thing going was a piece of cake. After a fairly straight forward set up, transfer of music files and examination of where the controls were located, I put the buds in my ears and headed out for a 8 miler.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. The unit does exactly what it’s suppose to do…It stay in your ears while you’re running, jogging… or in my case, racewalking! It actually felt weird at first not having any wires to fiddle with it. You just put the earbuds in your ears, turn it on and forget about it. No more getting tangled up in wires or accidentally having an earbud yanked out of your ear when you pull your arms back too close to your body(which is something you do a lot of when you racewalk.)
The unit is also water resistant, but I didn’t get to check that claim out, as I barely broke a sweat during the 2 hour walk.

My only real complaint, is that there is no sound equalizer or audio presets on the unit ( I mean where would you put them?). I’m not sure what the actual specs are, but I found the sound to be kinda metallic and mid-rangy. Again, I’m an audio nerd and most people probably wouldn’t even notice this. I will say however, that in my opinion, the audio quality of this Walkman is better than the Ipod nano.

So overall I like this cordless Walkman, or should I say, I like concept behind it. I wish the audio quality was a little more to my standards, but I’m totally impressed with the rest of the design, that for the most part, works very well and looks kinda cool too. Sony is definitely on the right track with this one. I think future models will be even better.

If you’re looking for a music player that will stay in your ears while you’re on the move, give these babies a test run. Sony is offering a special discount through this link.
Happy training!!

Disclaimer, I was provided with this product free of charge in exchange for reviewing it.

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7 thoughts on “A Walkman for the Walk Man

  1. kerri says:

    Wow, that's VERY cool. [Awww such a cute heart ;)]

    I'm def picky about earphones and sound, too (though I get around the wire problem by running it up my back or under my shirt), I actually got the Product Replacement plan on my Bose 'phones […because what's another $20 when you just paid $80 for $120 earphones, right?] and had to replace them once after about a year and a half (so, they stood up better than the other Sony sport wraparounds I'd been using anyways]. They rock, I didn't even know some of the stuff in the songs I was listening to existed haha.

    I was wondering when the wireless earphones would be hitting the mainstream market — FINALLY. I'm surprised at the price, too — way to go Sony!

    1. If the unit came with MEE earbuds, theyde have a killer player.

  2. wheezytux says:

    Steve they sound awesome….i use an ipod shuffle when out and about at the gym and exercising but hate having the wires i feel like they try and strangle me!!!!

    does the sony walkman work on the same principle as a shuffle in that you load a playlist and it works its way through it as i presume there is no way of knowing what songs are about to come on next etc?

    I might go and look into getting something like this if you reckon it is good. I have seen them about and you get them in blue too!!!!

    Ol x

  3. Hi Olive. You can listen to the songs in order or randomly. It also has a feature where you can preview the song. The Walkman fits nicely, but I didnt care for the sound quality.

  4. mymusicallungs says:

    I'm a Bose Quiet comfort 2s girl! They block out the train/tube/plane noise like nothing else. And being an Apple fanatic I record all my albums using Apple lossless. And yes as a musician I am VERY picky about sound quality and will flatly refuse to listen to anything less than Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 at the cinema!

  5. kitkat07 says:

    This reminds me that I REALLY need to upgrade my earbuds for working out. I do drop mine down the back of my shirt so wires don't tangle and such but I still am using my old iPod headphones that are rather tin-y, because I don't want to break/short a pair of new headphones while running. I do admit I love the ability to eq my ipod though, that and Nike+.

  6. sarahsasthmablog says:

    That reminds me of my pet peeve when out running: I hate it when I accidentally yank my headphones out of my ears! I'm a huge fan of earbuds just for the convenient size (and the fact that you can get a decent pair of external sound-cancelling earbuds where I live for about a fifth of what a proper pair of sound-cancelling earphones would cost, which since I work in a busy office that doubles as a break room for some people is a big boon – sometimes I'll use my earbuds as earplugs even if I'm not listening to music), but when I snag the wire with my arm, it's disorienting, loud, and annoying!

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