A yellow streak?

I’m back in the yellow! Had to happen to sooner or later I guess. I was on a green streak for quite a few days, so I guess Im overdue. (God forbid I should go an entire month without getting sick.) I just wish this wouldn’t happen 4 days before a scheduled 13 mile walk. Maybe its just a fluke? Maybe the humidity was too high? Maybe I didn’t get enough rest or take enough medicine?

My starting peak flow was 375, which is a little low for me but,,certainly not low enough to stop me from walking . I started my routine walk and felt fine for the first mile and a half ,then all of a sudden I started getting really tight. I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath and to use the puffer. My average pace during the last 3 miles of this was something like 15:40 , compared to my last walk , which was 12:90.

Once again, I’m faced with the fact that its nearly impossible to predict how I’m going to feel during a walk. No matter how well I prepare, no matter how much I train, until Im actually out on the track, I just don’t know how my lungs are going to react. Unless of course, I’m in the “red zone” then I wouldn’t be walking anyway.

This whole chronic lung thing is starting to piss me off.

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One thought on “A yellow streak?

  1. “This whole chronic lung thingis starting to piss me off.”

    Yeah, I know how ya feel!

    And BTW, you’ve walked more Miles since New Year than I’ve run. good job!

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