ALERT ! M & P on San Jose PBS March 9th

We’re there! Here’s Mom . Its no secret that I’m huge Barry Manilow Fan. Back on December 12th 2005, my Mom and I were lucky enough to get tickets for the taping of this incredible show at the Las Vegas Hilton. We got to sit through 4 hours of nearly non-stop frenzy. Boy..what an amazing performer and songwriter! The older he gets… the better he gets… Hopefully PBS will be able to capture some of that magic for TV. From what I understand, they edited it down to 78 minutes for broadcast, excluding pledge breaks. They also edited it for a prime time family audience. They’re going to be releasing the uncut version, sometime in the summer. Complete with all the out takes and interviews and more “adult stuff”.

I would say that our participation ( screaming, yelling and clapping ) in the production of this fantastic show, ranks right up there with my recent Carmel racewalking adventure. What a thrill …….to be part of it!

I believe it airs on most California PBS stations on Thursday March 9th ,prime time. If you’re a Barry Manilow fan, you definitely don’t want to miss it!

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