I wasn’t going to post this, but I just couldn’t resist. Here’s the bill for my little New Years week stint at the local pokey.

For fun, I threw in one of the 12 pages of itemized charges to give you an idea how much individual things cost. Like for example, the Ventilator charge per day. Or how much the continuous nebulizer costs for the first hour, and then how much it costs for each additional HOUR. (Remember, I was on a continuous neb for 48+ hours!)

The cost of inpatient hospital care is just mind boggling.

Yes, I have medical insurance ( at least for now)

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3 thoughts on “An expensive New Years party

  1. Oi! And here I was sneezing cleaning my house thinking you were NOT going to be in the pokey! Dang it … that's it … next year, you're going to be safely a mile high cleaning my house! HUG TO YOU!!!! Miss you!!!!

  2. marsh says:

    i guess you'll be calling to set up those easy monthly payment plan for your 20% ?????
    Dang your going to be broke or should i say broker well remember you got your night with barry to keep you goin well sleep tight and i'll check in on you tomarrow marsh

    1. Stephen says:

      Hi Marsha, Fortunately I have insurance to cover the bill. If I didn’t, Id be homeless. Last years hospital bills topped a half million dollars.

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