These kind of days are few and far between so, I thought I’d better blog it down .

First off this morning, I received this very inspiring email from a fellow asthmatic by the name of Phil ,who while growing up and being told to never exert himself , has run 10 marathons and a 50K in just the past year . You go Phil!

Then later on during my regular walk, while doing some intermittent racewalking bursts, I broke the 10 min/mile barrier and held it there for appx 55 seconds. The average pace during that split was 9.56. That’s the fastest and farthest Ive ever “legally” walked!!
I have to thank Dave Mc Govern for that one.

Maybe there’s hope for me after all.

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One thought on “Another Stellar Day

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Well, knock me over! Way to go! You’re now officially faster than I am on two legs, at least most days.

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