Now that I’m able to breath semi normal again, and have no definite race plans in the very near future, I’ve been focusing a lot more on my racewalking skills ( or lack of).
It only requires a few miles per day, and since I’m kind of a stickler for details anyway, I don’t mind the repetitiveness that’s required to improve ones technique. I’ve worked out a system whereby at the end of each walk, I’ll make mental notes of the areas I want to work on for the following days walk. Then the following day, I’ll do the same thing for the day after that…and so on , and so on.
At least twice a week, I’ll head out to the bridge and just let loose for an hour or so, without analyzing it to death. I’ve noticed that when breathing well enough to racewalk fast, that things just seems to fall in place–it becomes automatic. It’s like I’ve been racewalking all my life. Sometimes I’ll even get into a rhythm that will carry me two or three hundred yards without stopping.

I also like the fact that I can head out my front door, and within a few minutes, be racewalking in the open air, 140 feet above the shipping channel, with a million cars passing by, and yet, still be somewhat secluded from onlookers. That’s because to the motorists on the bridge, people on the pedestrian walkway appear almost stationary ( I know this because I check it out every time I drive over the bridge.) Thank goodness for that , because I might not be so willing to get out there and shake my ass around, especially now , since I’ve discovered compression shorts…That’s right…Spandex! ( I’ll save that for another post)

By competition standards, I still can’t racewalk far enough to enter a judged race, but I’m hoping that by perfecting the basics, it will pay off in other ways.

Oh….almost forgot….Special Thanks to for my new header graphic.This is what I see when I racewalk the city ( that is…when it’s not foggy)

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