[Not lookin too bad for someone who was on a ventilator just 11 days earlier..eh?]

I’m not totally out of the woods yet and I don’t want to jinx myself, but for the first time in 2 weeks, I actually feel like a human being again. I can breath!
To celebrate, I went ahead and got the first of those 3 goodies that I promised myself…..namely, a haircut! (Yikes…I look a little too str8 now). The new shoes and the Manilow Paris Las Vegas show tickets are in the mail.

You know with all the suffering that’s been going on in the world lately, I feel extremely fortunate in so many ways. I may have really bad asthma, but I also have access to some of the best medical care on the planet. I’m surrounded by caring people, and blessed with the support of others who know what’s it like to live with a chronic disease. I would say I’m pretty lucky and have very little to complain about.

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9 thoughts on “Back to Life

  1. Danielle says:

    You look good! I love the jacket and don't worry the hair will grow soon enough! It's been awhile, but I know what you mean when you say you're starting to feel like a "human being" again. Take care!

  2. kerri says:

    I like the hair! Also, is your computer in a closet? Nice space-saving idea! I'll have to remember that. (Like how I remember you roll the towels in your bathroom from the halloween pics. That's just awesome.)

    Hey, and what was that t-word you just said ;)? The fan page was all your idea, I just hit publish before you did lol.

    Have a good one!

    1. Stephen says:

      Yes, it’s a closet, stuffed floor to ceiling ( I have 12 foot ceilings in my house, which you cant see in the pic) with all my computer and tech stuff. I love electronic gadgets.
      The towel rolling thing was Doug’s idea. ( so were the coffins)

      1. kerri says:

        Spoken from a person who can't fold stuff to save her life, I will be keeping it in mind for the point in my life when I have to actually put towels away 😉 [so, thank Doug for me and tell him he has saved my future self a lot of time and frustration pertaining to towels]. The coffins are also EPIC.

        You and I are the same in regard to electronic gadgets then. I opened a drawer in my basement today looking for a CD case for my dad and found THIRTEEN miniDV tapes for my video camera. Two of them were blank! It was like Christmas or something.

        [Also, if I cloned myself, I could stand on top of my shoulders and still not be able to touch your ceiling, even if I tried really hard :P.]

  3. soph says:

    love to see you looking so well……….i agree with haiti and all i feel pretty priverlaged despite it all….barry manilo??? teehee for me its mistress kylie minogue!

    Go easy bro……i take courage from your attitude and stregnth


    1. Stephen says:

      Yeah I like Kylie minogue too.

  4. marsh says:

    gay or straight your still pretty handsome so glad your feelin good marsh

    1. Stephen says:

      Hi Marsh, I never get tired of that kind of compliment. I can usually pass for str8 if I want, but hang with me for 5 minutes with me, you’d probably figure it out.

  5. marsh says:

    have my dad in hospital and need to vent so your my guy!!!!!!he is so dam cranky!!!they say he has fibrosis of the lungs and it's giving him conj heart trouble and just doesn't get it now he's gittin the dsyneapia???? and is bad NOW after 50 yrs he say it's not worth it i told him he made me stick it out so he better!!!! finally he said i had no idea well duhh????? well thanks for lettin me vent !!!!!! hope your still feelin good marsh

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