My favorite Hotel in Vegas....hmm I wonder why?

and not a bad seat either

For exercising hard and never allowing this disease to get the better of me, I occasionally reward myself with a trip to see the “Man”…..where ever he might be performing in the country!

Fortunately, he’s only one state away this time , so on Wednesday I head back to Las Vegas for my 36th show and pay homage to the master. May sound like a lot, but that number only averages out to about 1.2 concerts per year spread over a 30 year period. This one’s gonna be special though, because it will be the first time that Ive had a front row seat at the Hilton theater, that I didn’t have to give up at the last minute due of my health ( knock on wood).

My last Manilow fix was way back in February in San Jose , so I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms (ie. irritability, excessive humming of show tunes, etc).

” Ultimate Manilow, the Hits” is an all new show for Barry, replacing Music& Passion, which has been headlining and selling out shows at the Hilton theater for the past 3 years. Among is fan base,the new show reviews are mixed. But, one thing’s for sure, if Barry’s in the show,you can bet it’s going to be good.

This will probably be my last big splurge for quite a while. I’ve spent way too much this year on out of town travel. I need to find a good lab-ratting gig to help me fund my next big trip , which will be to Italy in March preceded by another Barry fix in January.

Portland Marathon…..less than 5 weeks and counting.

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