Finally, in between the storms and the asthma exacerbations, I’m back out there tearing up the pavement . Today , I put in the usual 6 miles with a 10 minute break for stretching in the middle. For the first time in over a month , I actually felt good about my walk. Maybe all of this bad weather, the asthma flare-ups and the failed racewalking attempts has toughened me up

I’ve come up with a new training routine where I divide my walk up into 1/2 mile sections and then practice a single racewalking element . For example, I might do a 1/2 mile of what I call “toe offs” , this helps me improve my stride. Then I might work on my hip swing or knee drive. (btw..I don’t know if this is actual racewalk terminology, but who cares).

Anyway, I find that by breaking up my walk into several shorter drills, that I don’t get quite as winded so soon into my walk . Of course, I’m trying to devote at least a full mile all- out racewalking. Thats by far …the hardest part of the walk.

Hopefully , when this never-ending rainy season ends and along with it, the humid conditions, I’ll have a better sense of how I’m really doing as a marathon walking wannabe racewalker.One things for sure though, I’m definitely experiencing more shortness of breath, earlier on in my walks, than I did just a year ago. I think I can adapt , but this game is getting harder and harder to play.

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