OK ..I admit it ! Im a guy who likes Barry Manilow… I like his music , I like his Vegas shows, I like his new play..actually, its more like I re-discovered his music and talent. What can I say… I think he’s one of the best Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer/Producers.. ever ! YES .. and I belong to his fan club.

Back in 1980 my brother gave me a free ticket to see Barry Manilow at the Concord Pavilion. At that time I was a part time wanna- be sound engineer and was really into heavy metal so, going to see the guy ” who writes the songs” was a big step for me. I think the real reason I went to that show was to check out the amphitheater and the sound system. As soon as the lights went down and the show started, I was totally blown away! !! The show was awesome, The sound was magical and Barry’s performance was incredible. This is the first time I had ever seen a full orchestra AND a guitar band AND a bunch of back up singers and dancers AND the Singer…Live in a large outdoor theater under the Stars.. I was so impressed, I bought a ticket for the following nights performance.

As it turned out, I knew more of Manilows songs than I thought. The reason ? ..Well he was/is a prolific songwriter and jingle writer. He wrote the jingles for Mc Donalds, Pepsi, State Farm Insurance, Stridex and on and on.. These Ads were huge in the early eighties. So anyway, for the next couple of years, along with my other music interests, I gobbled up all the Manilow records I could find, especially the ” Live” albums.

Well, stuff happens.. A couple of years had past, I gave up the notion of going into the sound engineering business and decided that I needed to make a living. For the next quarter century I concentrated on my health care career. ( ironically as a Respiratory Therapist)

Now after a 25 year break and after listening to his new stuff and seeing his incredible Vegas show….I’m hooked again..Worse than before.

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