A sign of the times, I guess.

As with other large sporting events worldwide, foot races of all kinds and sizes have understandably been cancelled this year due to Covid 19. The vendors who work with and rely on these events have taken a huge hit as well, and apparently the Marathon photography market is no exception. Yesterday the company who does the photography for the Boston Marathon sent me an offer to buy newly identified photos from the 2011 race. Most of those companies, including this one, only store photos for 3 years. So the fact that they’re trying to sell images from 9 years ago says something about the state of things. Im sure they lost a ton of money by this years cancellation of the Boston marathon.

Anyways, here are some additional photos of yours truly of that most awesome of days 9 years ago. They’re low resolution, water marked, and the not best captured moments, but viewed on a small screen they’re actually not that bad and didn’t cost me a cent. I guess Im somewhat of cheapskate when it comes to purchasing race photos of myself. Even with the 30% flash discount sale, they still wanted $20.00 per digital image! That’s over $400 if I wanted to purchase all 25 of them. I really believe that race course photos should be included in the price of admission to the race. More and more of the less well-known races are doing that now.

Btw, that happy expression on my face(sarcasm)in some of these photos, was because I slipped on a paper cup while coming out of the porta potty at mile 21. Landed on my butt, but tore a ligament in my left knee on the way down ( you can see the cut under my knee in some of the photos). Against the advice of some, I limped in excruciating pain for the next 5 miles. Intense pain or not, there was no way I was not gonna finish this race after already completing 21 miles of it. Eventually I did cross the finish line, but it cost me an extra 20 minutes to do it and wiped out all the gains I had made earlier on in the race. If youre wondering why there’s a person behind me on a bike, he was my medical spotter during race and kept a close eye on me for nearly 7 hours. A super guy. Bless his heart for being so patience. Im sure his butt hurt sitting on that bike all day.

If you’re interested, here’s the original blog post I wrote about that particular race back in 2011.

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