Rather than bore you with a mile-by-mile account of everything that happened during this entire 7 hour-17 minute very fun but challenging, and at times a excruciatingly painful journey, this year I decided only to post what I can consider to be the highlights. The experience was a little overwhelming and with so many pictures , videos and texts to prepare and post, I’m gonna have to dole them out little by little over the coming days.

But, first let me start by acknowledging some wonderful people who helped make this a truly special day for me.

My walking partner in the race, Mike Mc Bride.
Our super cool spotters, Jon and Chris from the BAA
Our fantastic crew, Pete from Apria Health Care, and Tom and Brett from Caire Medical and Brett’s wife Shay.
The wonderful folks at the University of Pittsburgh’s Asthma Institute
And finally, our special course guide, the one and only Lis Shepard , who drove the spectators wild and who stuck by me the entire distance just so she could cross the finish line with me. A pretty awesome lady I’d say!


(hey…where’s Lis at? )

( Oh that’s…right, she’s yacking it up with the Boston Globe reporter dude)


So here’s a collection of unedited short clips that I took with my phone camera. Sorry, the video quality isn’t too good, but I wanted to give you a sense of what it’s like to be the first AND last people out on the Boston course. This pandemonium goes on goes on for 7 FULL hours!! See if you can hear my name being shouted during the middle and end portions of the clip. Every time my spotter John would see I was having problems with my breathing or my legs, he’s get the crowd cheering for me. It was like a magic potion that kept me going.

26 miles and 7 hours later , watch how Lizzy works the crowd and helps me make it to the finish line 6 minutes later. Again, this clip is a little long, but I wanted give you an idea of just how many die hard spectators waited for us to finish and how much fun it was to have Liz along for the ride.

I’ll have tons more photos and video clips in upcoming posts….

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10 thoughts on “Boston marathon video highlights

  1. Danielle says:

    How do you look SO GOOD after that many miles? Incredible.

    This just got me even more pumped for my race 🙂

    1. Stephen says:

      Believe me, I was suffering on the inside, but I was determined to keep a smile on face throughout the race. (Having Lis cracking jokes constantly helped a lot too)

      Hope you have the same reaction during your next race.

      1. Danielle says:

        I can imagine you were Steve, just can't believe how wonderful you look in the videos. I agree, Lis looks like a really fun partner.

  2. Olive says:

    steve, thats awesome. well done and hope you had a great time in boston. I was there once years ago playing lacrosse and would love to go back. it is and awesome city. take it easy olive x

  3. kerri says:

    AWESOME!! Dude, I can't stop smiling. I blame you and your epic awesome. Definitely going to favourite that last six minutes video.

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS, Epic Steve! You ROCK!!

    PS. When Lis said "where they gave me the bad instructions is right over there". I laughed. She tweeted about that misadventure. 😉

    1. Stephen says:

      How funny…..I remember that as well. She went to get her glasses fixed and got lost after. You’d like her, she’s almost as hyper as you are.

  4. Clare says:

    WOW well done Steve! You truly are epic! Hope your having a well deserved rest now.
    I cheered on the asthma uk runners from the sidelines last year at the london marathon it was an awesome atmosphere.
    Wooop congrats again!

  5. GayleMyrna says:

    Hi Stephen: Congrats on a job well done! Keep on keeping on!
    Gayle "still trying to get through a big fat long flare that had me in hospital but am now out" Myrna.

    1. Stephen says:

      Ohh ouch, Sorry to hear that. Get well soon!

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