Well its Christmas day and I’m down to 30 mg of prednisone. With any luck I’ll be off this stuff within a week. The last 10 mgs are always the toughest to shake.
Last week I thought I was finally going to die, today I’m looking forward to doing the Kaiser Marathon ,which is only 6 weeks away. How do I keep bouncing back? Must be in my DNA?

Preparing for this race will certainly be a challenge for me. Ive only got 6 weeks to get into shape but because of my crappy lungs and the crappy weather, I probably have less than 3 weeks. The hardest part will be that first post asthma attack walk…..During this episode , its been over 2 weeks since I last walked. Thats the longest break Ive taken in the past year due to my lungs. Until I get that first walk in, I wont have a clue if I will be ready by race day. Im gonna try a short 3 miler later this week and if that goes OK, I’ll just keep logging as many miles as I can in the next month.

Other than the uncertainty of how my lungs will react to this upcoming training, I think in other respects I have a slight edge in that Ive already done 2 of these half marathons in past 6 months. So I at least have the mental part down…I think.

In the past Ive gotten sick just weeks prior to other races and somehow managed to get it together in time. Hopefully this time will be no different.

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