Had a great time and a stronger than expected finish at yesterday race. My final race results aren’t in yet due to a technical glitch, but I think I finished in about 3:07 , which is much faster than I anticipated and probably why I’m having problems today.

I felt fine immediately after the race, but as I was driving home, I could feel myself getting increasingly tighter and short of breath. By the time I made it home 2 hours later, my peak flows had fallen from 350 to 190 and I was tight as a drum.
I ended up staying awake all last night taking nebs treatments every hour with only minimal relief. Earlier this morning I bumped up my pred to 60mg, but they haven’t kicked in yet, or I’m not reacting to them

My doctor wants me to go to the hospital, but I’m really not in the mood to be tortured right now. I’m sore enough as it is..I can barely walk. I did however, promise her that I’d go in if things didn’t turn around by later today.

Bottom line, I might have exacerbated myself by over-doing it at yesterdays race. I shouldn’t have tried to racewalk the entire 13 mile distance , but I was feeling pretty good at the time and just couldn’t resist. It could have been that I had an exacerbation brewing and didn’t know it ( happens all the time to me). Exerting myself hard for 3 hours my have pushed me over the edge..Who knows.

I’ll have a proper race report up in a few days ( if I’m not in the hospital). Hope everyone else did well at their respective races!

PS…Check this out…what an amazing runner!

California’s fastest half-marathon lived up to its billing Sunday as American Meb Keflezighi set a new U.S. 20k record and bettered his personal best by 25 seconds winning the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in a time of 1:01:00. Keflezighi’s 20k split of 57:52 broke Ryan Hall’s standing 20K record of 57:54 set in 2006.


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5 thoughts on “Brief race update.

  1. Danielle says:

    Sounds like you had a strong race… sorry to hear you are having bad after-effects. Here's hoping things turn around soon.


  2. kerri says:

    Hey Steve
    Way to rock n' roll at the race! Sucks that it hit you so hard afterwards, though. I'm really sorry, and I hope you avoid yet another stint in prison.


  3. Elisheva says:

    Great job on completing the race! Sucks that you're having trouble now because of it. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Lis Shepard says:

    Steve –

    You did amazingly and when you said you racewalked most of it … I was concerned.

    I was so happy to meet you and had an amazing time!!!

    I'm seriously bummed you tightened up … but you do what you need to do, my friend, and I'll just keep sending good vibes out there!

    Hugs and Love
    Dizzy Lizzy

  5. Joey says:

    Great jon with the race! I hope this doesn't mean more prison time for you, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that all will be well…

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