Beautiful, but extremely unhealthy skies

I took these pictures at 8 o clock Tuesday morning from my front and back decks, and I don’t know if you can see, but the sun has a weird ring around it and the sky has a thick orange haze. Everywhere you go in the bay area, it smells like smoke. It’s been like this for 5 days now!

There’s something like 1,000 wildfires burning right now in California, the majority of them in the Northern part of the state. Lucky me… I live in the SF bay area, not far from where one of the biggest fires is burning. Despite the offshore breezes, the air quality here in the bay area and central California is absolutely awful. There is so much smoke in the air , the winds aren’t helping. It’s not unusual to fires here during the summer, but in all my life Ive never seen it ( or smelt it) this bad.

So far it hasn’t had a noticeable effect on my breathing ( I even walked through it yesterday… like an idiot), but if the air doesn’t clear up soon, no doubt there will be lots of people getting sick….myself included.

Smoggy smoky skies over the entire SF bay area

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2 thoughts on “California is on Fire

  1. Too true california is a blaze atm. And really, it wouldn’t take rocket science to advise you to stay in until there is a decent enough breeze to at least half clear the air. Been a part of the SoCal wildfires down in PS area myself too many times, know that smell, that haze and unfortunately that choking smoggy smokiness all too well. I’m so sad for all affected it is truly dire. Just you look after yourself. Any training session or morning walk can wait. The hospitals will be filling up with lung cases and we don’t want you adding to their statistics.

    If it helps to know-London is currently a smoggy, sticky, heavy, humid pollen filled hell hole too. All I need to exacerbate my current asthma situation is a thunderstorm and bam! my lungs will cave in here.

    Hugs, and great pics……

    Sus xx

  2. Hey Stephen,
    You be careful in all that smog! Your O2 sats look like mine on a good day, glad we swapped e-mails, talk to you tomorrow!

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