Where are the rest of the endurance walkers/runners in the bloggosphere? lung diseased or healthy?? Other than a handful of forums for asthmatics or forums for walkers and runners , I cant seem to find much about combination of the two . Am I the only marathon walker/runner who has severe lung disease? I don’t think so…

I need someone to compare notes with..Someone just as crazy as I am. I recently found this site Live to Run, Run to Live This person has what it takes……..

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2 thoughts on “Calling all messed up Lung Bloggers

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Hey, thanks for the link!

    We’re not the only one with lung disease out there doing distance or other difficult athletics. If you’ll tune into Jerry Cahill’s CF podcast (jerrycahill.com), you’ll find he interviews many athletes with lung disease. Recently, he interviewed Erin Keitges, who wins track competitions at her high school, and Ironman Scott Johnson, a post-transplant Cystic. I’m also in touch with a woman who was an Achilles guide for a Cystic from Norway who ran the NY Marathon and her two sons also have severe asthma. She thinks her job in life is “to carry the albuterol”! 🙂

    I’m not familiar with the other lung disease communities, but maybe I’ll start looking around. We’re all in this together.

    Keep walking, and stay in touch,

  2. Brooklyn says:

    BTW, as for finding blogs of healthy endurance runners, just do a technorati search on the appropriate tags. You can also check out the Running Blog Family. If you like, drop Derek Rose (derekrose.com) an email and ask to be added to the list for the weekly Rundown – a report of endurance running (and some triathlon activity) from around the country. Some of my blog’s entries are Rundowns I guest wrote. I’ve met a lot of great bloggers by searching for them.

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