Marathon Traveling

Found this press release from the 2009 Rome Marathon race. Well, the 2023 addition of the race is rapidly approaching and the […]

A Special Christmas Gift

In the spirit and season of giving, I wanted to share an email I received on Christmas eve from a fellow severe […]


Here’s an asthma related type symptom you don’t hear too much about. So, I was working on one of the dozens of […]

“Ulnar Dependent”

I learned a new term this week, “Ulnar Dependent”. So about a month and half ago I started developing severe pain in […]

I still have asthma

With all the attention focused on my recent neck surgery and complications related to it, even I sometimes forget that I still […]

I have a screw loose

But Im sure you already knew that. You have to have a screw loose to do some of the crazy things Ive […]

Sticking with Fasenra

Over the course of 12 years, I’ve been on and off 4 different biologics medications for asthma. The longest I’ve been on […]

The catch-up

Living with severe persistent asthma, means always having to play “catch-up” in one form or another. Been there, done that…… over and […]

This body is steroid free now

Amidst all the drama with my spine surgery these past 10 weeks, which continues today, there’s some good news I’m eager to […]